Our purpose

To save resources
of our planet
by effective

Our Mission

  • to master the most effective ways in secondary resource preparation and processing
  • to identify their effective ways of usage
  • to achieve identical purity and homogeneity level with the recyclables as those of primary raw materials
  • to provide high quality recyclables all over the globe, fully meeting our customers’ satisfaction

Let's save the resources of our planet!

High quality secondary
raw materials for
any production
starting from 5 tons

tons we produce every month    

criteria for the quality of our products


production and sales of secondary polymeric raw materials with delivery in Ukraine


Low-density polyethylene


High-density polyethylene



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We purchase technological polymeric production wastes, PPR box scraps, NP box scraps, plastic bottles, LP canisters, plastic and shrink films and other materials for the production of secondary polymeric raw materials.


Standards of the cleaning of secondary polymeric materials at all production stages.

Secrets of the production of agglomerate LDPE in Lion Recycling Ukraine.

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Production and sales of secondary polymeric materials with delivery in Ukraine